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Proof of report.

A proof of report (in the Netherlands) is a survey executed by the the bailiff, in which an observation made by the high court bailiff is recorded. The survey comes with photos or for example recordings. In the Netherlands this type of report is an extremely effective means to prevent legal proceedings, mediation and long legal processes. Meant for companies and individuals who want to control the risks of a claim or disagreement. Proof of report is the product for prevention and risk management.

Let us support you with pre-inspection or final inspection during construction and demolition, piling, vibration measurements, noise pollution, odor detection or patent infringement. Call 0229-317080 or mail us at if you want to know more about inspection and reporting services!

Property inspection.

Tenants and landlords have an interest in a correct description of the condition of the rented property. Book 7 of the Dutch Law states that the tenant needs to make sure having received the rented property in undamaged condition, unless proof to the contrary is provided. A landlord therefore also has an interest in an adequate description at the start. Our Proofreport services can be used as property inspection of the real estate.

Construction inspection.

In a project, a construction company will perform pile-driving activities in an environment with buildings. Proofreport will conduct a visual inspection in which it records the structural condition of the adjacent buildings in the report. Ofcourse the construction company will take precautions. If claims for damages are nevertheless submitted by neighboring property owners builder and owners can enter into discussions with each other.

Noise disturbance.

You experience noise disturbance in the area. With a noise measurement from Proofreport, the noise disturbance can be determined and recorded. We measure the volume (decibel) and make an audio recording to if required. We can also act as mediator in order to try resolve the process without legal process. Saving time, money and frustration.

Legal assistance

We assist clients in cases with legal advice based on a Evidence Report. In the courtroom and beyond.

Inspection specialists

Our inspection specialists have the right knowledge to be of service to you quickly and professionally.

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