Rental property inspection

Rental property inspection.

For expats a rental property inspection is very important before renting a house of appartment. As a tenant you are taking a huge risk if you don’t get an inspection from a certified Bailiff. A property inspection in The Netherlands may reveal hidden problems that the tenant might not see with the untrained eye. The landlord, at the beginning of the rental period, wants to record as little as possible.

Deposit payment.

In the Netherlands you have to make a deposit payment which can go up to three months rent. If the tenant does not organise a pre-rental property inspection there is a risk for damage responsibility. When the landlord accuses the tenant of damage at the end of the contract period the tenant will be responsible to fix those faults. The deposit will not be paid back untill all problems are fixed.

Why a Bailiff.

The Dutch High Court Bailiff has been appointed by the Dutch Government. Therefore more formally a proof report is a statement (made by the Bailiff), which records an observation made by that Judicial Officer. According to Dutch Law this written document serves as strong evidence. A proof report in its form as a rental property inspection is experienced as particularly strong evidenct when it comes to a lawsuit in the Netherlands. Especially when taken in account the neutral recording of an observation that does not require specialist knowledge by the Bailiff.

What does it cost?

Every inspection is customized but we do have a start rate for a real estate inspection.

The minimum rate is €150,-

On average this concerns the inspection of a midsize appartment.

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