Sound leak detection with a soundcam

Sound detection

In the proces of sound detection vibrations of sound convert as a signal through sensors in a sound camera realtime and show as an image. This is also called acoustic imaging and Proofreport uses this for sound leak detection. To detect a sound leak or optimize the sound of products, it is necessary to know the exact origin of a sound source. So it is actually a sound level measurement with an image so that you can see the sound.

Its possible to determine the cause of a disturbing sound or part and to solve it effectively. By optimizing the appearance of sound, the desired experience is achieved and nuisance is removed. Proofreport uses the latest sound camera to precisely locate a sound source or multiple sources through sound detection.

Modern technology.

Our sound detection measuring system consists of a sound camera and software. The camera uses 64 sensors to directly locate sound sources. Different systems are available for different applications. Some are customizable and all can be activated and controlled with software. As soon as the sound camera is switched on, it provides video images with high-quality source reproduction. This function allows us to get information about the sound source without delay.

Soundcam technology.

Soundcam can measure sound with a strength of less than 30 to 120 decibels and is equipped with 64 mems sensors. Soundcam can record and play back both photos and video images after a recording. Sound detection takes place at a speed of 100 images per second in 24 bit. This can be done very close, from 20 cm to more than 100 meters from the source!


Sound detection is often used to solve or analyze problems with sound and or vibrations. Consider for example banging roof tiles or detection of sound leaks in houses and machines in factories. Proofreport helps its clients visualize acoustic weaknesses of products such as a sound box or sound leakage in window frames. We research pumping stations or sewage treatment plants for governments. We show them which location radiates the most sound energy.

What we do.

A specialist comes to location with the sound camera and often also a sound level meter to measure and conduct research. After the noise measurement and acoustic imaging a report is written. We write and analyse including photos and video recordings. The results are digitally delivered and if applicable we provide clients with advice.

About costs?

Sound detection is tailor-made. Experience shows that in 28% of projects, a seperate measurement is first required, such as a non-stop noise level measurement with our LiveSense or low-frequency measurement for a thorough analysis. It is therefore not possible to quote a fixed price in advance.

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