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Noise pollution

Do you suffer from noise pollution? Our specialist can carry out a noise level measurement. A Proofreport offers technical and legal insight. In the Netherlands we live close to each other. Noise pollution is a recurring problem. Both private individuals and businesses can experience nuisance from noise. Noise pollution is a subjective concept, but an objective noise level measurement can lay the foundation for effective measures.

A Proofreport of a noise level measurement is used if there are complaints about noise pollution. We have the expertise in-house for research and can assist you with this. A noise pollution measurement, whatever the problem is, has various purposes. Maybe you are looking for a noise level measurement during construction, demolition, of barking dogs, birds or airconditioning machines  that cause nuisance. We measure and judge intensity and duration in order to realize noise-reducing facilities or help prepare a courtcase.

Depending on the project we can assist as an mediator in the conversation with the ones causing the problem. This person or organisation may not be aware of the seriousness of the nuisance so agreements can be made. Remember you can also be a nuisance to somebody else.


Who engages us for a Proofreport of a noise level measurement:

  1. Lawyers
  2. Housing associations
  3. Construction companies
  4. Private individuals
  5. Manufacturing companies
  6. Municipalities


Some examples by Proofreport of noise level measurements and research:

  1. Nuisance at events;
  2. Noise pollution caused by animals or neighbors;
  3. Noise level measurements of industry machinery;
  4. Long term live noise level measurement of low frequency noise;
  5. Legal check on licensed limit values of noise;
  6. Acoustic imaging of noise problems


Clients want certainty about costs. The starting rate for a noise level measurement is € 550 excl. VAT.

The costs of a noise level measurement depends, among other things, on the degree of noise pollution, frequency of the nuisance, type of noise pollution, location of the source and number of measurements required. Experience has shown that in the event of noise pollution, we carry out a noise measurement of at least 3 hours. Contact us through email or call us so we can offer you a suitable proposal.

More information about noise pollution can be found on our website.

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