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Vibration measurement

A vibration measurement from Proofreport provides insight into vibrations that can cause damage to a building or nuisance to people. With a vibration measurement we measure how a vibration moves and affects the building. This is done with the vibration meter that is attached to the surface of the vibrating object. This can be done on the building or on the floor. Technically, a vibration is a time-based one-time or periodic movement of an object around a central position. Measuring acceleration and displacement is the most common method for vibration measurement.

Vibration measurement?

A vibration measurement is used as an indirect measurement of another value. The real measurement objective is to monitor and determine boundaries. And especially whether these are exceeded. Can the energy and force of vibrations caused by piling work or heavy traffic cause damage to your home, office or structure? That is the question. For example, older homes and buildings are less able to withstand vibrations. The influence of time on materials creates fragility. No different from humans.

Which one do I need?

You want to have a vibration measurement caried out in the Netherlands. First it is important to distinguish the three different types. So you choose the correct vibration measurement. In the Netherlands the SBR system applies and has three guidelines on vibrations.

  1. SBR-A: Damage to structures (Exterior)
  2. SBR-B: Nuisance to people in buildings (Indoor)
  3. SBR-C: Equipment research

Types of damage.

In buildings and structures vibrations can cause cracks, loose bolts, noise pollution and failures. Cosmetic damage to the exterior is not the only thing. A consequence of crack formation for example is moisture and mold. Vibration can also cause problems to people such as irritation, fatigue, headaches and stomach problems.

Is it normal for a building to shake?

Construction work, traffic or nature causes vibrations. Human activity such as walking on the floor also causes vibrations. A vibration itself does not simply endanger the integrity of a building. Although the actual movement is often minimal, the way we experience movement is significant.

Which vibration meter?

For vibration measurement Proofreport uses a vibration meter based on MEMS technology. We offer a fully integrated and automated solution for direct measurement, monitoring and reporting of vibrations. Thanks to automatic axis adjustments, our colleagues do not not have to stay on location. Every vibration measurement we carry out in accordance with Dutch SBR guidelines. Our vibration sensors are the most efficient and high-quality SBR/DIN vibration meter available.

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